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de Reus Architects

Website creation & digital strategy

De Reus is an award-winning team of architects with a reputation for delivering the exceptional to the world of luxury residences and resorts.

Alongside an extensive brand refresh, the team at de Reus invited us to design and build their new website from the ground up to better demonstrate their extensive experience and craft.  The site features a crisp, clear, curated design with beautifully colourful imagery set alongside monotone typographic pages to create visual breaks to those images. It uses a contemporary, accessible framework, allowing the de Reus team to easily manage site content from their offices in both Hawaii and North America. The new site helped the firm take the next step in their growth into the resort hospitality sector, whilst highlighting the exemplary architecture and the team behind it.

The website won a ‘Best in Class’ award at the Interactive Media Awards – recognition of the Kingsland Linassi team’s talent and hard work.

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The website creates pace with stunning, photography-rich sections and clean typographic pages

Dining table at luxury Hawaiian resort, Punta Sayulita | Branding | de Reus Architects
Responsive website viewed on a pair of iPads | Branding | de Reus Architects
Responsive emailer viewed on a pair of iPhones | Branding | de Reus Architects