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Brand audit & refresh

Based in Hawaii and North America, de Reus architects have built an enviable reputation for creating stunning private residences and resorts that don’t just compliment but are inspired by their natural environment. They call this architecture that is ‘True to place’.

With our experience in luxury resort and real estate marketing, we were invited to look at their current brand positioning and marketing assets, including a new website for the firm to help them take the next step in their growth into the resort hospitality sector.

Working closely with Mark de Reus and his team, we carried out a brand audit and positioning exercise to better define the business and its ambitions for the future. As the de Reus brand had already undergone a number of iterations, a refresh was seen as the best way forward for what is still a relatively young brand. To reflect the firm’s talent of building resorts and homes that complement their environment, the brand subtly reinforces this with the coming together of serif and san serif fonts.

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Sometimes a refresh is all we need to breathe new life into a solid brand and sharpen focus on the future

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