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Bhartiya City

The birth of an Indian Smart City

Envisioned to provide a better quality of life for Indian businesses and families alike, Bhartiya City is a 125-acre smart city located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Bangalore, home to what is seen as the Silicon Valley of India.

To help bring the vision to life and increase understanding of what is being created, our team designed and built a spirited, responsive journal website. Clean, colourful and content-rich, the site provides visitors with a vibrant hub for all information on this ambitious and transformative development.

We gave Bhartiya City a unique tone of voice that reflected the city’s emphasis on community and happiness, whilst devising a copy style guide to assist with copy creation site-wide and throughout all digital communications.

Ian - Kingsland Linassi

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Bhartiya takes influence from the world's great cities to design the future

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